How Much Do You Pay A Mortgage Broker?

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Hey there, welcome to my blog. Today I’ve been a busy bee. I’ve finished sorting out the garden, done my self-assessment and paid my mortgage broker now our mortgage application has been accepted. How much do you pay a mortgage broker, I hear you ask. Fortunately, it’s not that much! Mine just had a £100 fee since his main profit is a commission from the lender. 

My mortgage application was accepted

That’s the main bit of news really. I’m overjoyed, as we were concerned that since I only have 1 year of payslips, I though that could be an issue. Turns out it wasn’t an issue at all and the lender we went with only goes back one year.


That’s one of the reasons why we went with a mortgage broker. They’re great for advising for issues like this. If I hadn’t used a broker and just applied for the mortgage directly with a lender, I could have gone with one that checks two years of pay slips and they likely would have refused our application


Paying my broker

Some of you may be saying “wait! Aren’t mortgage brokers free?”. And to that, I would say sometimes. Different brokers charge different fees. Some are free, some can charge as much as £1,000. Cheaper isn’t necessarily better, as a mortgage broker that charges a higher fee may not be as focused on the lender’s commission (if they get one at all).


I was happy with £100. On the grand scheme of things, this is nothing. When he’s helping me secure a £150,000 mortgage, I’m totally happy with paying this amount!

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Top Italian Restaurants in Liverpool to Try

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#1 Position proudly goes to the BEST LIVERPOOL ITALIAN RESTAURANT…Villa Romana

Villa Romana has the best reviews by far, their internal images and more importantly the menu itself is a knock out! A family ran restaurant that really is a worth visiting when looking for the best Italian restaurant Liverpool has to offer.

Italian restaurants Liverpool


In the mood for a taste of Italy? Find the best of the best in Liverpool. Here are four top Italian eateries for you to learn to love.


Armed with three menus—main menu, vegan menu, and dessert menu—this restaurant located on Stanley Street offers a variety of mouth-watering dishes. Various versions of spaghetti, baked pasta and pizzas are on the main menu. Freshly-made bread complement whatever you choose. Vegans can enjoy meatless, gluten-free options that don’t sacrifice taste. Of course, mixers and other alcoholic beverages are served along with sodas, beer, mineral water, fruit juices, and hard liquor. Not only does this restaurant serve both red and white wines, but they also have a house wine that is magnifique. With a food selection that has recipes 35 years in the making, diners will feel a little Italy in England.


Located in Campbell Square, Amalia is a restaurant for family dining. Along with traditional Italian fare of pizza, pasta, and calzones, this restaurant also has Italian-style burgers. Vegan or vegetarian? No problem. Just let your waiter know to have your food specially prepared. Desserts like cheesecake (a different flavor each day) chocolate-dipped cannoli, and chocolate brownie with ice cream, the family is sure to leave happily stuffed. Beverages at this eatery range from water to hard liquor to coffee, so everyone can find the drink they prefer. Winning the Italian Awards for four straight years makes this a place to experience.


With delicious options like bruschetta, lasagna, and linguine, this restaurant appeals to kids because of its simple and delicious recipes. It’s affordable, so taking the whole family won’t break the bank. This restaurant is located on Hall Street.
The restaurant is in a two-floor Victorian building. This venue is excellent for business meetings, large groups, and special occasions.


Hungry for Italian seafood? Italian Club Fish is the place for you! The Bold Street restaurant has an award-winning head chef who uses only the finest and freshest ingredients. The special changes daily, and dishes that include lobster, mussels, salmon, and oysters. Pricier than some other restaurants, its décor is pleasantly understated. It offers cake of the day and grilled fish of the day specials. This place also has a private dining room for special occasions and celebrations that can hold 25 for a sit-down dinner and 50 for a buffet.
If you have a taste for Italian but not sure where to go, give these top-notch restaurants a try. Your stomach will love you for it.




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Tips on Choosing the Best Liverpool Carpet Cleaner

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carpet cleaners southport

Are you planning to choose Liverpool carpet cleaner some time soon? There are some tips you should apply so as to select the best cleaners. We found some good companies through their Southport page when looking in Google for “carpet cleaners Southport”  (we won’t name them just yet) The mistake done by most people looking for such services is that they fail to conduct thorough research before selecting one. They end up not getting the kind of services they expected. This implies that it is very crucial to take some time and choose the one that offers the best cleaning services. Here are the tips on how to select the best carpet cleaners:1. Read the Testimonials of Other Customers

It is important to consider what other clients who have used their services have to say about the quality of services they experienced. Such comments are usually found on their pages in the social media or websites. Take your time and choose the one with positive customer reviews. Try as much as possible to avoid those carpet cleaners where the clients are complaining about the nature of the services they got. 2. Consider the Services of Licensed Carpet Cleaners

Those carpet cleaners with a license have been vetted to ensure that the kind of services they offer meets the required quality standards. It is also important to ensure that the licensing body is legitimate and recognized. It is the role of the licensing body to ensure that the cleaning services offered meet the required quality standards and is offered within the required price range.3. Seek Referrals

Seek advice from those people who know more about carpet cleaning and they are the right individuals to advise you on how to choose the best Liverpool carpet cleaners. They have been using the services of carpet cleaners and they can give you some of the tips they applied so as to select the best carpet cleaners. Besides, they can introduce you to some of the best cleaners they know. With the exposure of such individuals, you are assured of selecting the best.4. Choose Experienced Carpet Cleaners in Liverpool

Those with experienced have been offering cleaning services for a longer period and they are capable of providing the best services you need. They have are capable of providing immediate solutions to complicated issues within the shortest time possible. This is because of the exposure they have and the experience. They have encountered a lot of such problems such that they always have real-time solutions. Therefore, go for those carpet cleaners with experience and you are guaranteed the best services at the best rates. Their reason for existing in the market is because they satisfy the needs of the customers.

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Calling All Hen Parties Going To Liverpool

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You are part of a group of best friends. You go to clubs, share your secrets, cry on your shoulder and have wonderful memories. But one day the message arrives: one of the girls is getting married. Before going through what you think, the wedding is only a few days away, the bride gets more and more nervous and you realise that to continue being a good friend, you must give her the perfect maiden party she needs.

Here is the real reason why girls have hen parties Liverpool. Popular because of the world-famous team of Liverpool, most people only refer to this city to football, which, of course, makes it an ideal place for men. However, the bustling streets of the city filled with unique little restaurants, art cafés, and fascinating clubs and pubs make it an ideal place for a lullaby party. Liverpool, the capital of northern Britain follows a cosmopolitan lifestyle. From designer shops to trendy bars, we give you several reasons why you should choose to have hen parties, Liverpool.

Whether cheap or expensive, Liverpool can offer a package that fits your budget. Many companies offer a personalised package that mainly includes events at the most popular cocktail bars. If you book in advance, you can also get attractive package deals. Liverpool offers some of the best deals and packages for chicken parties. Enjoy the best cocktails in the world and savour the delights and dishes available around the world. This is what most companies offer for their party in Liverpool.

The packages usually contain cocktails for free. Cocktails are very popular in Liverpool and they have the best cocktails from around the world. Most companies also have can-can skirts. The fun-looking skirts in the style of Moulin Rouge will surely add an element of fun and play. You can also learn movements, tricks, and routines that can be fun for your girls. The photos in vivid and colourful skirts are a great diary.

Some packages also include quads. Riding a quad can be fun just for kids. But why not immerse yourself in something risky and different? Riding a quad can be fun and will definitely give you the active weekend you are planning. You can also choose Pole Dancing as one of your Clubbing activities in packages. Shaking funky music certainly sounds like a brilliant idea for your Liverpool night out from Liverpool

Shopping is another feature that makes Liverpool so exciting and ideal for an opening party. With exclusive boutiques and brand names that are full of life on the streets, it is undoubtedly an ideal idea to end the event with shopping. Then, enjoy exclusive shopping, since Liverpool has the best brands and great deals to offer.

For some brides, there are very rare occasions when you really spend time with your best friends. When dealing with a chicken, you have the opportunity to spend time with close friends and family members, something you do not see as often. Weddings are one of those special occasions that really connect people. The party itself does not necessarily have to be dirty and wild until the celebrant comes to the people he loves the most before his wedding.

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